I am a professionally trained massage therapist and Reiki master. I have studied in-depth courses in anatomy, physiology, and swedish massage as well as a variety of complimentary energy techniques. I came to practice massage after more than twenty five years of holistic living and a growing desire to help others do the same.


"Hopeakuu" is the Finnish word for "silvermoon." I use it as a nod to my Finnish heritage. The traditions of my ancestors have inspired and guided me through much of my life. It is here that I find my love for nature and using my kitchen as a place to make healthy meals and herbal preparations. I am also a photographer, and the mother of a fine young man. I find my peace while spending time in nature and nurturing my intuition.

about me:

 Tina Rene Johnson, LMT

   Email: hopeakuu@mac.com               Tel: 248.561.8356                   all images (c) Tina Rene Johnson

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